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Katherine Dunham is probably best known as a legendary dancer who propelled the awareness of the cultures of the African Diaspora via her choreography. Her famous dance technique reflects a fusion of many cultures.

Miss. Dunham was a true renaissance woman. She was an artist, anthropologist, author, activist, manager, movie star, producer, educator, wife, mother and so much more.

The world needs to know about her wonderful life story and there’s no better learning environment than the Museum and Centers for Arts and Humanities she created.

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Her legacy continues...

Background Information

Katherine Dunham Dynamic Museum.Katherine Dunham Centers for Arts and Humanities is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary arts organization founded by, and operated under the memory and legacy of dance legend Katherine Dunham. The organization, formerly known as the Dunham Fund for Research and Development of Cultural Arts, exists to promote and preserve Ms. Dunham's legacy, including cultural arts and allied disciplines, the educational, civic, social and literary betterment of all people utilizing the Dunham Technique.

The Dunham Centers operate a community-based arts education program in East St. Louis, Illinois which embodies Miss Dunham’s anthropological writings, films, and works of visual arts. The Dunham Centers seek to provide area residents with an opportunity to witness and participate in all fine, performing and cultural arts. Throughout the years, the Children’s Workshop has exposed economically disadvantage children and adults to internationally known dancers, artist, scholars, and musicians. The Dunham Centers include a network of outstanding international visual and performing artists, educators, and researchers, who make available their knowledge and skills to the youth of East St. Louis.

The Dunham Centers operate the Katherine Dunham Dynamic Museum, East St. Louis' only cultural center. The Museum houses collections of African and Caribbean folk and contemporary art, and an extensive body of material documenting Ms. Dunham's life and work. The Museum operates a year-round arts training program for children, ages six to seventeen, and an annual two week seminar in Dunham Technique, through its Institute for Inter-cultural Communication. The Seminar attracts dancers, choreographers and scholars from around the world.

All KDCAH programs emphasize Ms. Dunham's unique concept of humanization and socialization of individuals and communities through the arts.