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Katherine Dunham is probably best known as a legendary dancer who propelled the awareness of the cultures of the African Diaspora via her choreography. Her famous dance technique reflects a fusion of many cultures.

Miss. Dunham was a true renaissance woman. She was an artist, anthropologist, author, activist, manager, movie star, producer, educator, wife, mother and so much more.

The world needs to know about her wonderful life story and there’s no better learning environment than the Museum and Centers for Arts and Humanities she created.

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Her legacy continues...

Certified Dunham Technique


Grand Master Teachers:

Ruth Beckford - Oakland, CA

Julie Belafonte - New York, NY

Joan Peters - New York, NY

Dr. Glory Van Scott - New York, NY


Master Teachers:

April Berry - Dallas, TX

Albirda Rose Eberhardt - San Francisco, CA

Theo Jamison* - East St. Louis, IL

Ruby Streate*  - East St. Louis, IL

Rachelle Travanier - Long Island, NY

*PATC Trained/Certified


Certified Instructors:

Leslie Arbolast - San Diego, CA

Heather Beal-Himes - St. Louis, MO

Janeice Bouldin-Blunt - Los Angeles, CA

Molly Christie - Brockport, NY

Saroya Corbett - Philadelphia, PA

Marcea Daiter - New York, NY

Amansu Eason, Chicago, IL

Penny Godboldo - Detroit, MI

Susannah Keita, Phoenix AZ

Sara Anindo Marshall - Los Angeles, CA

Eyla Moore - Oakland, CA

Mariella Morales, San Francisco, CA 

Myrtha Muse- Oakland, CA

Halifu Osumare - Sacramento, CA

Patrick Parsons - Toronto, Canada

Jeanne Speier - Cincinnati, OH

Geraldine Williams - Chicago, IL

Keith Williams - St. Louis, MO

Patricia Wilson - Brattleboro, VT


In Memoriam

Ronnie "Yao" Marshall - June 17, 1948 - September 20, 1998

Alicia Pierce - April 11, 1951 - December 24, 2008


For more information on the certification process, please contact: Albirda Rose Director of Certification Institute for Dunham Technique Certification birdrose@sfsu.edu

For referral services, please contact kdcah@ymail.com

We will assist you in finding the best Dunham Technique Instructor. Please note a finder fee may be charged for these services.