Summer Camp


Dunham SummerArts 2017


          The Katherine Dunham Centers

                 for Arts and Humanities

              Proudly presents its annual

                   Summer Arts Camp

                   June 6 - August 13, 2017

Involve your child in an educational, creative, artistic Summer by enrolling your child in the cultural enrichment Summer Arts 2017 Camp conducted at the Katherine Dunham Museum, 1005 Pennsylvania, East St. Louis, Illinois.

Participants aged 5-18 years engage in daily classes of Dunham Technique, Ballet, Hip Hop, Kuchipudi (traditional South India technique), Bollywood, music, and visual arts. Students develop values of self-confidence, discipline, and conflict resolution as they participate in activities designed with specific goals to achieve. Socialization through the arts allow opportunity to explore other cultures and introduces students to the multi-cultural legacy of Dunham.

As members of the Dunham Workshop, they have the opportunity to attend the 34th Dunham Seminar held July 22-30, 2017 at Washington University free of charge.

Classes are held Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

During the camp, students visit several local cultural sites such as the Scott Joplin House, the Blues Museum, and the St. Louis Art Museum. Other activities may include golf lessons at Frank Holten State Park - Grand Marais Golf Course or a trip to the Waterpark.

The Camp will conclude with a major production on the aesthetic grounds of the Katherine Dunham Museum.

Camp cost $250 per participant plus fees for field trips.

                For more information please contact:

                     Ruby Streate (618)  671-2332


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Art & Design Camp - This camp introduces the students to a field of art education through specially designed projects. The participants learn design concepts of hand-made objects, creative paintings, clay sculptures and other images by providing practical experience of hand-made objects, creative paintings, clay sculptures and other images with a focus on two weeks of fun-filled practical experiences.

Drama & Theatre Camp - Students are introduced to basic grammer conducive to ASL and vocabulary instruction pertinent to the visual arts. They utilize non-verbal communication skills of body language, facial expressions, miming and gestures to recite poems and tell stories. Pantomime is utilized to analyze words and phrases with students examining and using actions to present stories. Character games are also used by students to dramatize stories.

Intensive Dance Camp - This camp introduces students to ballet, Dunham Technique and socialization through the arts. Kuchipudi teaches students traditional Southern India dance technique as well as Bollywood. Ballet class introduces French terminology and the perspective movement and position. Participants are required to pronounce and translate the words and then execute the movements appropriately. In the Dunham Technique students develop a comprehensive understanding and initiation of the physical anatomy, a sense of proper posture, discipline, focus and self-esteem as a result of exercises and philosophical instruction.

Percussion Camp - This camp is based on particular rhythms imperative to accompanying Dunham Technique classes. The rhythms represent the cultures of Cuban and Haitian ethnicities and students are taught four basic hand positions utilized to play drums and congas. Other percussive instruments are introduced to the students that enhance the prominent rhythms of the Dunham Legacy and learned the complete composition of the rhythmic pattern as well as the categorical (sacred, social, secular) position of particular cultures. The students also experience the construction and repair of drums, the importance of correct posture and breathing.

For registration, contact: KDCAH c/o  Registrar,  P.O. Box #6, East St. Louis, IL 62202.

Ruby Streate, Director of Dance (618) 671-2332.